Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love & Relationships

I grabbed my hot tea and opened the DNA news paper.Till today's morning i was quiet sure about my perception of love and relationships.But this Guru Speak column really moved me and forced me to check my definitions again and again...Its a kind of enlightenment for me.I think many of you must have missed it but don't you worry..I'm reading it out for you all.

Its really mysterious that each relationship begins in the freedom of love and ends in the bondage of relationship.Love comes like a strong breeze and carries away lovers to unknown dimensions.Two lovers go through peak experiences and then need to settle-in the process,they start feeling bored, craving the same peaks again.When this does not happen, they feel frustrated and fall into the ditch of misery.

Life functions in polarities and dualities. One who understand this becomes at ease with them and finds peace.By choosing, you end up in misery.Be in choice-less awareness,and you attain equanimity and go beyond misery.Osho says that a relationship that is alive is always changing.It has many climates, many moods.It has many surprises.A dead relationship remains remains stagnant.It is repetitive; it is the same- but then it is no longer relationship. Then you are not two persons, just two things together.

A relationship based on love and not any business will be flowing and river-like. The mystic Heraclitus says,"One cannot step in the same river twice." Alive love-relationships come to fruition, but they are never complete. Completion simply means death and nothing else.

In the Book of Wisdom, Osho explains the difference between love and relationship- particularly the relationship that we know. He says,"Relationship means something complete, finished, closed.Love is never a relationship; love is relating. It is always a river, flowing, unending. Love knows no full stop; the honeymoon begins, but never ends. It is not like a novel that starts at a certain point and ends at a certain point. It is an ongoing phenomenon.Lovers end, love continues.It is a continuum. it is a verb, not a noun."

Life full of love is not static; it is vibrant. There's a breezing of freedom in love.Such love knows no bounds, no misery.It is all joy and bliss.

Monday, January 8, 2007

New Year Resolution

As usual i thought this year i would make one and break the same one....hahahah! But let me tell u on a very serious note that till this year i had never looked at this new year resolution business so seriously...really..i mean it..i mean it was fun earlier...never gave a damn to complete any! But the whole chain of events in my life shattered me completely....

I just believe in a moment...u have to take it or leave it...u cant cry for it for the rest of ur life... so just live the moment thts my mantra....don't let the past overshadow ur present and future as well.... But me?...i myself had forgotten this.... Everything was going out of my hand and i was in comeplete grief ....huh.....sigh....

I thought i wud loose.....its all
over....things were not that bad though but definitely not what i cared for.... But guess what..this resolution was for me earlier.....just changed everything.....i decided something...and followed for just two days..and can u believe... things were automatically falling in place....everything was coming back to normal....i just thanked god for showing me that omen in the form of resolution! it has changed my life!

Now i'm very happy...thts wht i look for in life.....i really don't care wht gives u tht ..but if its cleaning the toilet tht makes u happy then common it...
I know this may sound nasty to some of u..but thts the truth i believe in.... The concluding part is determenint....consistant...if u think u can stick to ur resolution then u can of course! and it wud change ur life up to great me!

I know i didn't unwind my resolution .....but i don't mind sharing it with u friends....n u know the reason behind it? Its like If you dream something then dare to declare it..coz if u do reveal it , u don't have any option open to work harder n harder for it , rite? coz there wud be lots of faces to question u ... at least for the sake of ur public image...u wud give it a try....otherwise it wud die before its born...wht say?
So my resolution was to control my anger!
Whats urs?