Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poor SMS

I went to bed quiet late that day.May be 1.30 am or 2 am.At 12 it reminded me of my friend's birthday.But I thought she must be sleeping..why to disturb now...will do that in the morning. When I got up in the morning, the very first thing I had to do was wishing her. So I grabbed my cell phone and started typing "Happywala Birthday ka massage". My cell is so obedient that he obeys all my orders. Hes so smart that I do not even have to tell him what word I am looking out for.He himself does that. I just type 2-3 alphabets and he grasps my mind.So sweet of him. I do not even bother to remember spelling in this case. So easy i typed birthday massage by wishing her all the happiness in the world. And I turned towards other daily routine. She even reverted back with a cold thank you. I was like..hummm must be not feeling good or may be its not cold but I am assuming it to be cold.So its my problem.

I decided to treat her.So planned a nice luncheon and sizzling brownie at CCD. That is our all time favorite spot.Humm..I picked up the phone rang her got disconnected..must be in meeting I thought. Then again in the afternoon tried her number and got disconnected...humm really an important meeting is going on..I thought. Then lunch time was over and I had to attend some meeting. I didn't make any attempt after that. I got a call at 5pm and it was her! I was in the meeting so I received it and promised her to call back. By then my cell went on oxygen mode. No battery. He is already suffereing from some low battery and  no network sundrome!I had to attend few important calls and phone was down.  Huh...sad...went back home..put the charger on and I went on waiting mode. After some time I received a sms form my dear friend. She congratulated me for being the first one who wished her all the harshness in the world!!! I got a shock of my lifetime..WHAT???? I thought shes gone mad. Then I thought wait a minute why she is saying that? I picked up my cell and called her..She was in a furious mood.She even wanted to return my so called happywala sms...hummm..I asked " what happened?'

After few minutes of discussion I realised that it was my dictionary mode who cheated me. And it was the sms who played the devil that day. She actually received a sms saying" I wish you all the harshness in the world" Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

After a long conversation I somehow convinced her that it was not was my cell..and finally she accepted.!!

See, if she wouldn't have told me ever about that stupid sms..I would have never come to know about it. I probably didn't check what I typed. The first thing dictionary picked after typing HA is harshness and next is happiness! Bloody harshness ate up my all happiness that day! does come with some disadvantages.Guys do not ever trust your dictionary mode.Just imagine you being the first one to wish your best friend on her b'day harshness for a lifetime.Imagine the consequences...I had better just be careful..