Thursday, December 10, 2009


That day a very dear friend of mine dropped in for first time. The moment she entered my place she said “Hey, don’t know what but there is something about your house. It feels so…so…..” I said “Contented?”
She said “Yes. Exactly”
Now, what was that? I always believed in humans having an aura. That means just like us...a structure does have an aura! The only difference is human aura confines the human body whereas the space within forms the aura for a building.

Aura is an atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. The great saint of all time used to have a very strong aura. We all possess an aura and it’s very interesting to know that we can see it. Though it’s not apparent in nature but we can train our sight to see it. It’s a protection shield of a human body. Before falling sick your aura will reflect that dis-ease and then the disease catches you. In many healing therapies aura cleansing is one of the important treatments for many chronic diseases. If you train yourself to see an aura of a person you can avoid many unwanted issues in life.

For living organisms, it’s inevitable. But is it possible for a nonliving entity like a house to reciprocate the mood of habitants staying in? I think yes it’s possible. If the habitants residing in are not happy you can make out when you enter in the house. And it’s irrespective of whatever protection shields you have kept in the house. Now your aura helps you to sense that. If habitants are contented we can definitely sense that too.

The best example for an aura of a non-living entity is a temple. What happens when we go to temple? Why we feel so energetic therein? The place is full of positive energy. You are in alliance with it so we can’t even dare to think about any negatives. People come there with a positive set of mind. You can not find anybody doing conspiracy about a bomb blast tehre. Right from the Pujari who performs the rituals each and every person is filled with devotion and love for God. The place reflects it. You feel so peaceful, so contented, so incredibly serene there. That means it reflects the energy of occupants. Right? One more thing I have observed about temples that if older the place more is the sense of tranquility. You may not find similar kind of peace in modern contemporary temples. The same applies to your house. Just be positive, think positive, live positive and no fights, no tensions, no ill wills. If you try the former then the peace in the house will flush out the latter part. You will enjoy the environmental change. I know being always in that bliss is not possible. Being humans we can not always be perfect and ideal. But you know what? Once your place is in the perfect balance then it consoles you, cares for you and you experience that after every bad day of your life!

I remember my first meeting with the Reiki Grand Master. Though I didn’t learn Reiki from him, he was the one who taught Reiki to my best friend and my cousin. So I just wanted to meet him as a thankful gesture. We approached there and entered the house. It was very simple, clean and joyful. I met uncle (we call him uncle). That tiny fragile figure was full of energy and spark in his eyes. He had dominated the environment in a very positive way. It was my first meeting with him so I was quiet silent at first. My friend initiated the conversation. Once I was introduced I started talking to him and we were talking till the end then. That meeting was not at all like a first meeting of two strangers. We discussed lots of things. He showed the excerpts of the book he was writing. I shared lots of my experiences. My friends might have felt a bit sidelined. But she could make out what was it. Then after a long talk uncle said, “I could gauge that you are a spiritualist from your aura”. I was glad to hear that and I felt the same but I considered myself very small to confess that as it was regardless to tell him his own glory.

This must have happened to all of us. Some stranger gave you that comfort level to disclose many personal things in life or some place made you feel as peaceful as your home and vice versa. There are people in life who make you feel very low without even uttering a single word. Okay this is not limited to physical meeting. Its quiet possible to acquire that trust from a person you have never seen and meet. That can happen over a telephonic conversation or a chat.

I am really looking forward for responses to this post. I am planning to learn how to see the aura. Is there anyone with this trait?