Thursday, December 10, 2009


That day a very dear friend of mine dropped in for first time. The moment she entered my place she said “Hey, don’t know what but there is something about your house. It feels so…so…..” I said “Contented?”
She said “Yes. Exactly”
Now, what was that? I always believed in humans having an aura. That means just like us...a structure does have an aura! The only difference is human aura confines the human body whereas the space within forms the aura for a building.

Aura is an atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. The great saint of all time used to have a very strong aura. We all possess an aura and it’s very interesting to know that we can see it. Though it’s not apparent in nature but we can train our sight to see it. It’s a protection shield of a human body. Before falling sick your aura will reflect that dis-ease and then the disease catches you. In many healing therapies aura cleansing is one of the important treatments for many chronic diseases. If you train yourself to see an aura of a person you can avoid many unwanted issues in life.

For living organisms, it’s inevitable. But is it possible for a nonliving entity like a house to reciprocate the mood of habitants staying in? I think yes it’s possible. If the habitants residing in are not happy you can make out when you enter in the house. And it’s irrespective of whatever protection shields you have kept in the house. Now your aura helps you to sense that. If habitants are contented we can definitely sense that too.

The best example for an aura of a non-living entity is a temple. What happens when we go to temple? Why we feel so energetic therein? The place is full of positive energy. You are in alliance with it so we can’t even dare to think about any negatives. People come there with a positive set of mind. You can not find anybody doing conspiracy about a bomb blast tehre. Right from the Pujari who performs the rituals each and every person is filled with devotion and love for God. The place reflects it. You feel so peaceful, so contented, so incredibly serene there. That means it reflects the energy of occupants. Right? One more thing I have observed about temples that if older the place more is the sense of tranquility. You may not find similar kind of peace in modern contemporary temples. The same applies to your house. Just be positive, think positive, live positive and no fights, no tensions, no ill wills. If you try the former then the peace in the house will flush out the latter part. You will enjoy the environmental change. I know being always in that bliss is not possible. Being humans we can not always be perfect and ideal. But you know what? Once your place is in the perfect balance then it consoles you, cares for you and you experience that after every bad day of your life!

I remember my first meeting with the Reiki Grand Master. Though I didn’t learn Reiki from him, he was the one who taught Reiki to my best friend and my cousin. So I just wanted to meet him as a thankful gesture. We approached there and entered the house. It was very simple, clean and joyful. I met uncle (we call him uncle). That tiny fragile figure was full of energy and spark in his eyes. He had dominated the environment in a very positive way. It was my first meeting with him so I was quiet silent at first. My friend initiated the conversation. Once I was introduced I started talking to him and we were talking till the end then. That meeting was not at all like a first meeting of two strangers. We discussed lots of things. He showed the excerpts of the book he was writing. I shared lots of my experiences. My friends might have felt a bit sidelined. But she could make out what was it. Then after a long talk uncle said, “I could gauge that you are a spiritualist from your aura”. I was glad to hear that and I felt the same but I considered myself very small to confess that as it was regardless to tell him his own glory.

This must have happened to all of us. Some stranger gave you that comfort level to disclose many personal things in life or some place made you feel as peaceful as your home and vice versa. There are people in life who make you feel very low without even uttering a single word. Okay this is not limited to physical meeting. Its quiet possible to acquire that trust from a person you have never seen and meet. That can happen over a telephonic conversation or a chat.

I am really looking forward for responses to this post. I am planning to learn how to see the aura. Is there anyone with this trait?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012 - THE END?

2012 by Roland Emmerich.
What is it all about?
The last day?
Nostradamus’s prediction?
Don’t know what exactly but the movie is good only for its special effects and visual graphics. My 6 years old nephew unwillingly accompanied us.This movie was a big question mark for him. First of all he was not able to understand the concept of the movie. Then we all tired to make him believe that it was all fake. Huh…poor kid…he was intelligent enough to guess that he was forcibly been carried to the theater as he couldn’t be at home alone.

I like the movie just for its visuals. Firstly I think it contains lots of destructiveness like all other English movies. And also it’s not convincing enough as per the Mayan as well as other prophecy. Mayan predictions are misinterpreted in the movie. It again revolves in and around the material world. It’s all about saving your physical body..that’s all! Whereas, there is a very different dimension to it.

Many of us are aware of the Mayan calendar but not many people truly understand what it means and how it works. Yes the calendar does end on December 21, 2012, but what does that mean? How does it come to that? What is their calendar based on?

The Mayans prophesied that from 1999 we have 13 years to realize the changes in our conscious attitude to stray from the path of self-destruction and instead move onto a path that opens our consciousness to integrate us with all that exists.

The Mayan civilization of Central America was and is the most advanced in relation to time-science knowledge. Their main calendar is the most accurate on the planet. It has never erred. The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. So we are currently "between worlds”. Humanity and Planet Earth are currently going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and reality perception. The Mayans also say that by 2012
- we will have gone beyond technology as we know it.
- we will have gone beyond time and money.
- we will have entered the fifth dimension after passing through the fourth dimension
Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe.
- Our DNA will be "upgraded" (or reprogrammed) from the centre of our galaxy. (Hunab Ku).verybody on this planet is mutating. Some are more conscious of it than others. But everyone is doing it.
- In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. This cycle has taken 26,000 years to complete. Virgil Armstrong also says that two other galaxies will line up with ours at the same time. A cosmic event!

Okay, now this is about Mayans. But Mayan is not the only participant in the prediction race. Almost all the civilizations or religions have predicted The End in varied ways.

According to Indian beliefs, Kali Yuga (this is the age of darkness/ignorance) and are on the verge of entering the Satya Yuga (the age of truth) when all falsehood will expose itself and drop away. The Yuga which links these two Yugas is named Krita Yuga ( Age of transition.)
From the Western Astrological perspective this seems to correspond with the understanding that we are transiting from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius. The onset of the Aquarian Age speaks to us of spiritual awakenings, of the perfection of each human being, through an awareness of our own spiritual self. The time of rebirth and great spiritual development on earth. All this heralding a time of much greater joy and positivity.

Yet in the Christian tradition the generally accepted idea is that the Millennium starts around the year 2000. Websters 9th Collegiate Dictionary, USA, 1983 gives a definition as follows:- “The 1000 years mentioned in the Book of Revelation, chapter 20 during which Holiness is to prevail. A period of great happiness or human perfection”.

In the Islamic tradition there are many instances where the Holy Koran and the Hadith mention a future time of judgment & resurrection, known as the Qiyamah time. In the traditions of the prophet this time is indicated as coming some time after 1400 years (of the Hijri calendar), which again seems to coincide with the coming Millennium & twenty first century.

For Buddhists there is some expectation that the Wheel of Dharma, the metaphorical wheel of time is set to turn for the first time in 2500 years since Lord Buddha’s advent. Gautama Buddha apparently taught that each revolution of the wheel signaled a new beginning, or rebirth for humanity.

From the Book of Prophecies of the Knight John of Jerusalem (11th Century) comes the following: “The millennium that comes after this millennium will change into a light time. People will love and share and dream, and dreams will come true.” Further it adds: “People will be one big body of which every person is a tiny part. Together they’ll be the heart and they’ll speak one language.” “Men will have reached heaven” “Men will know the Spirit of all things” “People will receive a second birth and the Spirit will come into them.”

Ancient Sibylline Oracles of the Roman era perhaps also add to the collective vision of what the future may hold...for example “Vice shall leave the earth and be sunk in the divine ocean”

William Blake (1757-1827) speaks of the Judaic tradition in his work: ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’. V14 as follows: The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed (overthrown) in fire at the end of six thousand years is true,....For the cherub with his flaming sword is hereby commanded to leave guard at(the) tree of life: and when he does, the whole creation will be consumed (overthrown) and appear infinite and holy, whereas it now appears finite and corrupt. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has so closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.

But the movie based on Mayan prediction has all the exactly opposite side of the story.
World comes to en end. People run for their lives. Hero rather the superhero of the movie passes through all the incredible odds and is still alive. An Indian, who favors the world by discovering this tragic end of the world, is not survived. Top of that none of the Indians is survived the end. An unpatriotic man who doesn’t support his president and decides to save his own life, who doesn’t care about thousand of people waiting to aboard the ship outside as it would have been late for launch of the ship, he survives ….hahahha….

2012 doesn’t not mean cataclysm. The new golden era is coming our way. We have to prepare ourselves to welcome this golden age. We have to uplift our conscious to face this drastic shift. World is not going to finish in 2012 but there will be a new beginning. See this direct us towards the Non-linear time. We always consider time as a linear entity. But its not it seems. It should be considered as spiral or circular. Everything is completing its rotation whether its arrival of Satyayuga or golden age….anything. Can we call it Beginning less begin? May be! This is what Buddha meant.

Because the Maya honored Mother Earth and the energy cycles that are present here, they were in tune with the cycles. They had access to information that is not available to 'modern people' because 'modern people' are extremely limited by their belief systems.

Yes, we modernists have too recognized the Mother Earth as a single organism as per Gaia Hypothesis discovered by scientist James Lovelock. It states that The Earth System behaves as a single, self-regulating system comprised of physical, chemical, biological and human components. Today we are not respecting our mother earth. We are destroying her. We are using all her organs and unbalancing her body. The fossil, stone, tree, coal all these are mother earth’s organs those have taken thousands of years to create. But as if we are not bothered at all. Why not? This is what resulting in thing like global warming…green house effect and going towards catastrophe. The change has been already started my friends. We need to realize it. All the calamities like Tsunami, deluge, extremities in climates, earthquakes are the outcome of our disrespect to Mother earth. Now if we try to relate both physical as well as astral predictions, both are pointing towards the end.

"The earth will not be destroyed on December 21st 2012. Mayan view this date as a rebirth - the start of the world of the fifth Sun. Earth will be crossing the galactic equator, aligning itself with the center of the galaxy for the first time in 26,000 years. This will make a cosmic cross. This cosmic cross is considered the tree of life. This will open a channel for universal energy to flow through Earth, cleansing it and all who dwell upon it. Rising all to a higher level of vibration. This process has already begun."

Mayan Prophecies By ThunderBeat

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There are lots of inevitable things in the world. Life is full of misery, grief, pain.So many incidences in life consist of bad memory. Why can not people forget the sad part in life and go ahead with the good one. Nope that is not possible at all. If you can carry the good then mind you you are bound to carry the bad one too. Whats the solution to this? How can we avoid pain in life? Can we? Is there any solution?

Even I am not an exception to this. I have also experienced pain in life. I believe there is always a reason for each and everything whatever we come across. When i passed through that bad phase i was shattered completely. I was not able to make out why me? I was not ready to accept it. The more and more i rejected it the bigger was the pain. Acceptance is not so simple as it sounds. I keep advising my friends accept the life as it is and there is no worry!

There is a story i read about Buddha sometime back.Once he was passing through a village followed by his disciples. There was a group of staunch people waiting for him who were against his protagonist image. So as soon as he entered, mob started abusing him. He was as calm as quiet as before. That indifference was unexpected by the crowd. He was then asked, "Why are you not reacting ?" He simply smiled and said" if i offer you fruits, but you don't wish to eat it then what will you do?" He got an answer that those fruits will be distributed to family relatives and others. He said "then go back and distribute all your hatred to your family and relatives. i don't wish to accept it so its of no use to me." So acceptance is the root cause of everything. Its all upto you. If its good for you then take it otherwise just deny.

But when i was put in the same palate i gave my best not to accept it.I didn't want to accept that pain. Such is the life..huh..but yes such is the cant do anything about it. But when i was back to my conscious in the hospital i realized it was over. My baby was no more with me.And that was the reality....i accepted. I accepted that he is gone, it had to happen to me and it happened and i cried a lit and suddenly i started smiling, don't know hwy? I chatted with my husband and was fine then. Superficially it was all back to normal but it was not. I was carrying a burden of something unknown. I was angry with God. I didn't deny his existence but he couldn't help me out when i needed him the most. He could do nothing. He couldn't save my baby. I was holding on it for so many months. I was under terrific pressure. Pressure of not letting go, pressure of responsibility, pressure of being good, pressure of lots more than that. It was becoming more and more difficult for me.

That day it was too much. I was fade up of all never ending arguments and misunderstandings.Fortunately our dear didi had come over for a weekend. And she made us realize that things were not fine and we were being pretentious. She actually made me realize that i was not okay and that was okay to be not okay. She played an angel for us.Next morning, i got up, completed my routine exercise, and meditated for some time as a part of my daily dose. I confronted God..talked to him..i screamed inside...i said" this is it..i cant take it anymore....just make everything fine..normal as before...i am tired of it..come and hold me.I am your child , you have to help me out.I completely surrender myself."

The moment I opened my eyes it was my husband who was sitting in front of me as if he heard everything. He smiled at me.He confessed that I was shouldering lots of thing beyond my limits. Now he would take over. He would share my all worries and tensions. The very next moment things were normal. Just perfect. I couldn't believe it. Is it so easy? so simple? Oh my God! It was so simple. What was I waiting for? May be I could gauge my own capability to handle problems though it was horrified. But then it was all solved.You just have to surrender...but yes it takes lots of time to reach there for many of us. Either we pull on for so long or we just remain idle.

Osho says enlightenment is always through surrender, but surrender is achieved through intelligence. Only idiots cannot surrender. To surrender you need great intelligence. To see the point of surrender is the climax of insight; to see the point that you are not separate from existence is the highest that intelligence can give to you.Though the surrender he talked about is to follow the path of intelligence . Although we can always follow these principals to solve even small problems in life. This practice will definitely redirect us towards the same path of intelligence.