Friday, December 3, 2010

Life is beautiful...

Today's morning was just the usual one.I was just turning around the pages of the news paper and read that news...twice..."10th std girl committed suicide by jumping off the terrace.." It was mistaken as an accident..but after investigation they found her notebook in which she had written her last massage to the world and that was "I quit".Oh.... that got me!!!

What is wrong with these students these days yar? How could they even think of suicide at this age? Is life is so invaluable for them? Don't they think even once about their parents? Or the pressure is so much dominant over everything in the life? what is it? I would really like to address all those students out there.I definitely want you all to just think a little over this!!

Can you forget those days... when you all were small kids and always clung to your moms for all small things you wanted."Mamma..i want not." She was always there for you for each and everything you needed her for. She was tired at times..she was disturbed at times..might be she was depressed at times..reasons were innumerable. Might be cos she had a fight with your dad..cos she was not well at all...cos she had lost her job..cos she had no money...cos she was troubled by relatives...she had given lots of work in the office which was out of her capacity...reason could be anything.But she understood that YOU were the first priority in her life who is all above this.You were her only star who shines all the time no matter how the sky was.She was always there by your side no matter what.She could never give up on you.You were and are her first love in life which is all above her worries and problems. She loves you sooo so much. And unless you become a mother or father you would never realise her devotion dedication, sacrifice, all that she has done for you!!

Can you forget those days... When you used to wait for your dad to demand that new thing in the market you just admired? that toy you just saw on the shelve and wanted it badly? Those branded jackets..those brand new those expensive things you ever wanted..remember every little thing you asked to your dad? He too was always there for matter what..for all those things you wanted.And what was there on his mind? Might be he is pissed off due to his job..but couldn't let it go whenever he saw you and your future? Might be he was harassed by his boss but every time he opened his mouth to answer back he had you in mind and he gulped his anger.Might be he wanted to buy that posh car..but he killed his desire as he wanted to save his money for your future.might be he never wanted to do all this..he wanted to devote his life to his hobby but he always thought about you and erased it. Might be he and your mom couldn't gel well but still they remained with each other because it was better for you to do so!!

So many adjustments, sacrifices they had done for you.They are countless. Then you started going to started enjoying your friends,company. And you had always been given the space you wanted. As they didn't want to intrude upon your privacy. You entered the saw new examined learnt new wanted to do your best.You wanted to make your parents proud of you by performing well.You started trying realised that competition is very tough and you may not beat your realised its very hard to please realised one day its all crap you are cant do anything about cant achieve the expected grades. This is it!!! And you think of suicide!!....... Why??? I mean who told you that that's the end of suffering? I mean do you ever realise what is suffering?

Have you even notice those half naked kids on traffic signal? Have seen that glimpse in their eyes? They do not have enough clothing to cover themselves up..they do not have enough food to fill their bellies, they do not have shelter on their heads. The only thing they have is their urge to fight the life..their urge to face the life..their urge to deal with life..the way it is!! They do not claim to be best beggar..they do not claim to be the best car cleaner..they do not claim to be anything..because they somewhere understand...that they can not effort to do all this..they do not have choice to be the best or something.They just know one thing and that is they want to earn for that that they would have a meaningful meal in the night. Have you ever looked at this aspect? What it is to be worried about getting one time food for a single day? I am sure, you have not! It never occurred to you that life can be so unjustified! but the point here is these people do not go and jump off the terrace or sleep over the railway line. They are not cowards..they know the only thing to deal with life is facing it!! They have accepted the life the way it is. They know it can be better...but the point is : today they are with the life fully..they are living their part fully..they are dealing with their lives fully...they are not running away.

Life is so precious guys. Its once in a lifetime opportunity.Please do not miss it. There is no charm to success if there is no failure. If there is no scorching sun how will you enjoy cool shade of a tree? If there is no pain how will you love joy? If there is no bad how will you ever know the taste of good? Life is that way..everything goes hand in hand..good and bad, love and hatred, success and failure..everything. So if you want to enjoy the former be ready to deal with the later too. Face the life as it not run away. Failure is the first step towards success. If you fail, that day should be celebrated because you have put your first step towards success. all your idols..all of you think they are here without any failure? I am sure they have had most of failures on their account when they started their journey..that's what made them what they are today!!

Life is too beautiful to be wasted upon an ugly suicide guys.Please..if that thought peeps in ..even for a fraction of second just think about the person you love the most...think about those underprivileged children...think about your great heroes whom you admire and follow. Suicide is a cowardly act.Please do not even think of attempting it. Just be in the flow of life as if there is a floater hugging are not bothered about the path you are passing through...looking up there in the sky...and enjoying the flow..just will take care of you for sure if you just be with life!!!