Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mesmerizing Eve

I know all of you may find this post a bit offtracked.As I generally pretend to be very intense writer :-). But I am also a human yar. Even I have a heart. I was also a teenager year(s) ago. So the reason to write this post here is just to rejuvenate my childhood memmories.
That day I was on my way to office.I had been feeling gloomy since night for no reason.Suddenly I was stunned by the hoarding in the square.And the moment i saw it,it brought four inches smile on my face..the same smile I used to have to see him once upon a time.The same kind of excitement I got ...and after so long..I actually screamed out...WOW..SONU....YEAHH. It was Sonu Nigam live concert.That to just five minutes from my home!Can you believe it? I know you can but I couldn't I swear.It made my day. I told my hubby "I am not going to miss matter what". He knew younger year's my madness for Sonu Nigam but he might thought it was over by the time. But when he experienced same kind of jerky reactions from me he sarcastically said "yeah yeah I will take you to watch your brothers concert..don't worry" How rude was that!Anyways....just few months back I was wondering "why doesnt he make public appearances offlate? He is just disappeared.Thats not good for his fans." And I really wished that he should be apparent on the shows very often.

I remember when his first video was launched - it was copy of some of the Rafi's songs then only I noticed him.Then came "tu..." song..and I told my mom "he is going a long out".My mother as usual said "should not go too long otherwise you won't find him for you" For her it was nothing but an insane act of an adolescent.Anyways...but she used to call me out for his all appearences on television. Then came Diwana..and he became the icon...all girls were his fans..including me ofcourse! I watched all of the SaReGaMa episodes with repeat telecasts only for him.

On 26th January, since the morning I was reassuring my hubby that we are not going to miss the concert no matter what.He is such a sweetheart knowing the fact that that singer was my crush he agreed to accompany me.I just love him.Ofcourse he thinks I am more than enough matured for my age now(?)thats what made him take me to that concert.

It was 8pm to 10pm. and we reached the venue at 7.45pm.In no case we could find a good place to sit.It was overpacked and overcrowded.All entries were closed to the amphitheatre. But there were sideways open to stand and see the show. We somehow managed to push ourselves to fit into that packed crowd.I was actually praying to matter what I want to watch his show and just like Jab we met dialogue "jab aap kisi cheej ko dil se chahate ho na ..actual aapko wo actual mein mil jati hai (If you really want something then you get it).My prayers were answered finally.
After a long(?) struggle of few minutes we got a place just next to VIP rows.We were standing though but that gave us a good visibilty.And it was just 15feet away from stage.It couldn't have been better than that. And the show started.He appeared on the stage.He came..he saw and he ruled.The whole crowd went mad..all of us started screaming...shouting...all stupid things.We enjoyed doing that.Hubby also shared the space at his best as he screamed more than me at times!

Sonu Nigam is a real rockstar..MJ of India.The improvisation he makes to the song is just amazing.We couldn't find a single song similar to any of its original version. It was mesmerizing in real sense.The brreathtaking experiance to watch your favourite star performing just few feets away...just incredible.And top of that hubby carried his camera and could manage to capture the star in our memories. Hatsoff to you Sonu!!! YOU REALLY DESERVE IT!
That eve lingered on my mind for many days post concert.And then decided to share it with you guys.Hope you will like it.Courtesy for photos goes to Abhi my dear hubby :-)