Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JOY ..within

He rang me in the office and asked me to check out the website of Isha Yoga. I said OK..lets see what it is? Then very next day he decided to attend the classes and I was like naaahh...not me! Then I attended introductory lecture just to accompany him and I decided to join in too. We couldn't believe ourselves, we got up at 4am in the morning and did all that we never even dreamt of.It was truly a nice experience.

Isha Yoga..inner engineering..talks about inner wellbeing.There is no fuss about God and religion.There are few aspects I would like to share it with you. The very first benefit of Isha Yoga is it helps you increase your efficiency.It also increases your memory.It helps in weight reduction and believe me it works.Many diseases can be cured by simply practising some asanas in a prescribed way.

But there is one more dimension to it and that's where the essence lies.It also gives you the mantra of happiness. Now what is happiness? We all know what it is , right ? So how do you get it ? Can you buy it somewhere?

Ok lets assume my happiness is in a diamond set.Then I buy it for me...I am sooo happy.Then I have it...happiness gone.How long you would be happy for that diamond? Lifetime? Nope! It applies to all the material thing in this world.You just cannot buy that joy! Its there within you..you have to glance inside and find it out. Ok.Then what we should do for it?Do some asanas and you will be happy?what nonsense? Nope! Its not about doing asanas.

Its about searching your inner being.Its about knowing yourself.Its about self realisation.Who are you?What are you here for?What is the meaning of your existence? Or you just want to be born..live and die? If we are capable of answering these questions then the answer for how to become happy forever.. lies within. Just imagine if a BMW makes you a billion times happy. Then feel that happiness within you...try try..really..if you really get a BMW then what will be the magnitude of happiness? Ok you have gauged it..now assume that this joyful feeling is going to be there with you forever and ever and ever...none of the problems will eat up your peace..there will nobody to disturb your mind..no grief..no pain..only bliss! Can you think of it? You have that Joy with you 24X7. Of course it an amazing feeling..no wonder.

But then how is that possible? are we going to buy BMW everyday all long our lives?Nope! Then? You just need to give a little time to your own self. Sit for a while and think why am i doing all this? Why am i endlessly going behind a momentary happiness(?) ? You know what? If you get the mantra of happiness then you don't need a bungalow..don't need a BMW..don't need diamonds...you will be as peaceful and joyful in a small hut as you would be in palace...trust me.

This is science.You can experience it.Many of us think spirituality means winding up the lives and heading towards Himalayas.But that's not true, spirituality is not about into meditation all the time. If you read Buddha you will come to know the very simple paths of life being in this material. Now following those paths and enhancing your own self will definitely help you finding yourself. Take a dive within..its a very deep ocean inside unexplored...waiting for you...meet yourself...

I know I am talking quiet vague.But these things are not to be talked about.These are experiential. I know you wont be able to define your experience post self realization .Because you can not explain it in words..its beyond that. So all the best for journey. I hope you will be the happiest person in the world without any BMW :-)